Give us the answers

I am writing to express my concern in two major areas.

The first is the slinging of that old, disgusting, slimy mud by the candidates who are now asking for our votes.

Please ALL candidates – STOP! I want to know how you are going to better our country, not what someone before you tried (that didn’t work out).

The second area I would like to address is the candidates’ unhealthy obsession for expressing what they have done for our country. Let me be very clear – they may have spearheaded the actions, but I do not know of the current ministers’ work hours on the sites where the schools are being built, or new roads are being paved.

One particular minister declared last night that he has T-shirts which say ‘Arden did that!’ He may have fought for it in the LA; he may have drafted the order for it to be done; but he didn’t do it on his own.

I watched the PPM meeting in Savannah on TV.

Yes ministers, you have made progress – I’m sure you tried to progress as much as possible in your four years of running our country. I would like to know how it is so easy to bend the truth. The Minister for Education declared that there are more education specialists now, including psychologists, counsellors, etc. If there are so many great workers, where are the replacements for West Bay Primary? There is no librarian! There is a part-time computer teacher! The 500+ students that are there have limited access to the library and the computer room, which probably cost thousands of dollars, due to inadequate ‘appropriation of funds’. Why weren’t these teachers replaced?

The Minister also claims that he developed the National Curriculum. He also mentioned Mark Scotland assisting in that effort. If you read the documents in question,1871107&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL you will see that all the contributors’ names are there. Also, if you compare page 8 of English Key Stage 1 and you might just be able to spot where this curriculum REALLY came from.

Seriously candidates – try answering the 10 questions on the Elections site linked to Only one candidate has answered thus far!

What are we going to do about employment?

We want to know when we will begin to reduce, reuse and recycle!

We want to know if it is possible to start a Green energy initiative in the Cayman Islands and how it can be done!

We need to save money – these are two ways, please tell us how you can make things simpler for us!

Ruth Webster