Police recruiting resumes

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has resumed its new recruit training classes after an 18-month hiatus.

The service has not hosted any training classes for new cadets since 2007.

The latest class of 19 prospective officers began last week and is expected to finish up at the end of July.

‘You have been selected from a field of 150 candidates,’ Acting Police Commissioner James Smith said at the opening of the cadet class. ‘You will now be looked at differently by members of the public and you will be held to a higher standard.’

The police service staff is down about 30 officers from its height in mid-2007 of some 365 officers. The RCIPS has recruited overseas candidates to join its ranks since the last recruiting class was held, but all were experienced officers and mainly hailed from other jurisdictions.

Of the 19 new recruits entering the class, roughly two-thirds are Caymanian.

The police service also has a new purpose-built training facility at Governors Square that was not in place at the time the 2007 recruiting classes were held.

‘We are in a position to be more flexible and innovative in our instruction methods,’ RCIPS Inspector Anthony White said.

The training course for RCIPS officers lasts for 14 weeks. If the trainees pass the course they are instated as probationary police officers for the first two years of their career. Following the probationary period they become full-fledged officers.