White picket fences for BT

Just from driving through the eastern districts one can see there is a lot to do – in fact the whole lot looks barren.

But a team of Cayman beautification volunteers is about to change that.

They have set out to add charm, character and beauty to the eastern districts by outfitting coastal front homes with white picket fences and palms.

‘Project picket fence’ was spurned when local artist Aston Ebanks had the idea of using discarded lumber by local construction companies to beautify areas in the eastern districts that were hard hit by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

‘What I am trying to do is bring back a piece of Cayman yesteryear – the Caymanian house with the white fence,’ said Mr. Ebanks.

‘Just from driving through Bodden Town one can see there is a lot to do. It just looks so barren. We have all this lumber from construction sites that is going to the landfill and there is so much that can be done with it,’ he said.

‘We are offering a fence free of charge to any house along the main road in Bodden Town that does not have one,’ said Mr. Ebanks.

‘We cannot do every yard at this time, but as supplies of materials are made available, property owners should see improvement in their surroundings areas,’ he said.

The picket fences are being made from discarded pressure-treated one-by-four, treated white pine and posts cut from casuarina trees, said Mr. Ebanks.

Materials such as paint, nails, stain and staples are being funded by the Beautification Committee.

‘Casuarina trees grow quickly and at the same time drop a lot of pine needles which prevent other plants from taking root. By removing some of these trees for other uses we are not only saving the landfill but also doing something for the environment,’ said Mr. Ebanks.

According to Mr. Ebanks, once the tree post has dried, the bark will fall off and the posts can be painted.

Mr. Ebanks, who assists with art classes at the Northward Prison, is also getting help from former inmates to help construct the fences.

Already the group of beautification volunteers have made a difference in the surrounding area by Bodden Town United Church.

Home owner Violenty Berry is the first property owner to have her yard fenced. She said it makes the place look so much more attractive and stops vehicles from turning in her yard, which creates a lot of dust.

Once the group has completed one yard, other homeowners should see the team moving into their area.