Atlantic Star won’t build port

Atlantic Star Ltd. will contract another company to build the proposed port expansion in George Town.

The development company’s operations manager, Gary Lindsay, said Atlantic Star Ltd. had never planned to build the project itself. Atlantic Star is a potential investor in the expansion.

‘Of course not,’ he said, adding that the project is not something he believed any company on the Island could do.

‘It’s a specialist equipment project,’ Mr. Lindsay said. ‘Nobody here on this island could handle it; physically anyway.’

Negotiations are ongoing between the Cayman Islands Government, the Port Authority and Atlantic Star Ltd. on the project that would separate cruise and cargo facilities. The project proposes to move the cargo dock to an area north of central George Town in the vicinity of Bodden Road and to build berthing for four cruise ships at the port area

An Environmental Impact Assessment is being conducted for the project.

Mr. Lindsay said that as owners of property earmarked for the new cargo dock and as proposed investors in the project, Atlantic Star Ltd. would get consultants involved to manage the project and they would contract the building work out and put it to tender.

‘As investors that’s normally what you do,’ he said. ‘We’re just the investor.’

Asked if Atlantic Star Ltd. would put out separate tenders for marine and land works for the project, Mr. Lindsay said it’s a long way off.

‘We haven’t a deal yet with the Government and the Port Authority,’ he said, adding that further negotiations are needed. He said it would be impossible to know how long that would take.

In answer to questions on staff members that had recently left Atlantic Star Ltd. and the possible impact of this on the port project, Mr. Lindsay said the people who left were not part of a team involved in the port project.

‘There was never a team planned to do the port project – those that have left were not part of a team to do that. There was just me,’ said Mr. Lindsay.