New contract for cleared cop

Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Superintendent John Jones has been given a new contract ahead of disciplinary proceedings set against him, the Caymanian Compass has learned.

Mr. Jones has been on required leave since March 2008, when he and two other top police commanders were taken off the job to facilitate an investigation into alleged misconduct and corruption at the police service.

He was recently cleared of any criminal wrong-doing in the case, as was former RCIPS Commissioner Stuart Kernohan. Mr. Jones said in an interview with the Compass last week that he wanted to be back on the job at the police service.

It remains to be seen whether disciplinary proceedings will clear Mr. Jones to return to work. However, his previous contract with the RCIPS was due to expire in May. If that contract was not renewed, there would be no reason to hold disciplinary hearings for someone who technically would no longer work for the service.

‘I’m confident that I haven’t done anything wrong, so I’ll submit myself to any process,’ Mr. Jones said last week. ‘I’m hoping to resume my career.’

Mr. Jones was never arrested or charged with any crime during the course of the investigation at RCIPS. He has remained on full pay since his temporary removal on 27 March, 2008.

He could not be reached for comment this week following his hospitalisation for a pre-scheduled surgery.

The Cayman Islands Police Association was preparing to send out a statement regarding Mr. Jones’ situation Wednesday afternoon. Police sources informed the Compass that members of the association were concerned about Mr. Jones being given a new contract.

‘We’re still meeting with our legal advisor and there will be information coming,’ said Detective Inspector Kim Evans, the police association president.

However, by mid-day Thursday no such statement had been issued.

Acting Police Commissioner James Smith did meet with representatives of the police association on Wednesday to discuss their issues. However, he declined to comment about the meeting and also refused to discuss Mr. Jones’ contract.