All kick it in unity

An exciting islandwide football event is happening soon.

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee sent a delegate, Dalton Watler, to the 12th World Sports for All conference in Malaysia last year with all expenses covered by the International Olympic Committee.

This conference was attended by 505 participants from 96 countries.

Consequently, the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee has organised an event called ‘Sports for all through Football’ and it will be held in two stages.

The first will be in all districts on May 30 with competitions for various age groups; followed by final games in George Town on June 6 for the best teams in each age group, physically challenged players and the over 40 age group. Overall participant numbers are expected to be 600-800.

This particular event represents a social justice for a larger group of people that would not usually play football due to its competitiveness and organizational structure.

Participants will include men, women, youth and seniors. The event will teach the importance of healthy physical activity and interaction among people in an environment conducive to friendship and understanding regardless of peoples social, biological and ethnic differences.

The official organisers of the event for CIOC with Watler will be Ernie ‘Gillie’ Seymour, National football coach and Roy ‘Huta’ Ebanks, community football coach.

Other partners will be the Cayman Islands Government Education Department, the Cayman Islands Football Association and the Cayman Islands Referees Association.

There will be no cost to participants and they will all receive T-shirts and refreshments.

Awards will be given for the best team, the best player, the most disciplined, the most improved, and the team with the most achievements in Olympism – Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger).

In addition to IOC and CIOC funding, other sponsors for the event include Progressive Distributors Ltd and Gatorade as well as Cayman Free Press. CIOC is very grateful for this support.

Look out for the participant form in the newspapers which may be completed and returned to CIOC on Smith Road (946-6984) or the Sports Department in Queens Court (949-7082).

For further information contact Team leaders: Ernie Seymour and Orvin Palacios for GT at 927-1405, Roy Ebanks for West Bay at 321-0739, Thiago Cunha for EE/NS at 9242814 and Elbert McLean for Bodden Town at 925-7296.