United in progress

Following their FA Cup win last week, Women United have now taken all four titles for the season for the second consecutive season.

Both teams played to a goalless score line in regulation time sending the game into extra time.

Krishan Welcome Giselle Johnson and Brianna Hydes and young goal keeper Emily Kelly had to work very hard to guard their half from the Elite attacking unit of Michelle McField and Shinette Bodden as they made some threatening advances into the Women United half.

Martha Godet, Catherine Murray and Telisha Ebanks had their hands full as the young Women United strikers Shenel Gall, Tacita Berry and Shanice Monteith made efforts to score.

Women’s United have made history in women’s football in the Cayman Islands being the only female team to have taken all titles and being undefeated during the two seasons.

They captured the Women’s Under 17 FA Cup and League Championship as well as the Women’ FA Cup and the League Championship.

President of CIFA Jeffrey Webb was impressed by the level of competitiveness displayed in the Women’s final and said: ‘I congratulate these women for matching their technical skills so professionally in this FA Cup final.

‘It was a game worth watching as both teams performed tremendously well.

‘Women’s United have been undefeated from the start of the club’s inclusion in the CIFA competitions. This just goes to show that this club is doing something different which makes a great difference.’

According to Sue Greene, Chairman of the Women’s Committee: ‘I was thrilled to watch such a well contested match and would like to congratulate both teams on an extremely well played game. Both teams played with so much heart and worked equally hard for the Cup.

‘Whenever I attend these games, I am encouraged by these women players to continue with our efforts in strengthening women’s football here in Cayman and in working with the younger girls in order to keep the growth going at a pace that will place us in a higher position in the FIFA rankings.’