Kids get their FAST chance

The FAST Defense seminars are quickly becoming a must-attend for Cayman residents.

They resume this weekend and sessions for children are included for the first time.

Fear Adrenal Stress Training is the innovative way of learning how to deal with street attacks in a more practical way than conventionally taught in the past.

It’s not simply about tackling violence, but learning how to react verbally and with body language to prevent a situation becoming a violent confrontation.

The FAST instructors Bill Kipp and Debra Thomas are coming over for two weeks from their home in Boulder, Colorado for 10 sessions this time.

They’re returning to train the local Cayman team of instructors headed by Bob Daigle, a karate instructor and former world champion.

The instructors act as ‘woofers’, perpetrators of violent acts and dress up as ‘bulletmen’ in full protective padding to allow students to lash out at them in a realistic manner.

Daigle, a Coldwell Banker realtor, said training a local team of instructors is essential in continuing Bill and Debra’s goal to ‘Train an Entire Nation’ to say no to violence and yes to treating each other with respect.

Savannah Primary will be the first school to receive FAST Cats (Children’s Assertiveness Training Stress) classes.

On Tuesday May 19 around 25 children ages six to 12 will take part in a child assertiveness training and self protection seminar.

Sponsored by Mark Scoland’s Advanced Road Construction and Paving and Bob Watler’s company Watler’s Metal Products. the seminar is at King’s Sports Centre from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Daigle is the Caribbean Director of FAST Defense. He said: ‘I would like to thank the sponsors for the support of Cayman’s youth. A special thanks to Ray Singh of King’s Sports Centre for donating their facility for this seminar.

‘Lorna Blackman, the principle of Savannah Primary, is very excited to have these valuable life skills taught to her students.’

On Thursday May 21 Prospect Primary will be the second school to receive this training.

It is sponsored by the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages From 1:30pm-4:00pm. Prospect principle Gloria Bell is looking forward to her students receiving this valuable training.

‘I have spoken to many parents lately about this programme,’ said Daigle.

‘Some of them told me that when they arrive in the US or any other country with their children, they always have a talk with them reminding them they are not in Cayman and they want them to be aware of their surroundings and not to ever go off with a stranger.

‘They say they look forward to having their children take part in a seminar where they will learn valuable anti-abduction skills as well as how to deal with a bully and using non-violent conflict resolution skills.’

It’s set in a fun and lively environment. The kids love the bulletmen costumes, seeing them more as comic book heroes.

This programme addresses not only dealing with bullies and playground altercations but using intelligence, not violence to deal with difficult situations, common sense self-protection and helps develop real confidence.

It also addresses anti-abduction strategies and how to avoid separation from guardians.

Another vital aspect is to how to physically break away and escape the grasp of a would be abductor.

Daigle added: ‘We are scheduled to teach a teen girls class for three and a half hours on Saturday May 23 from 1:30pm- 5:00pm

‘This seminar addresses awareness skills on how to avoid altercations, identification of the common mistakes teens make in tough situations and how to overcome them and how to avoid date rape.

‘It also shows how to fight back when needed and new choices to empower teenagers for the myriad of life challenges they encounter every day.’

There are still some spaces available for the FAST Cats seminar on May 22.

This Friday’s teenage girl seminar is completely booked. Any teenage girl interested in attending the second seminar should book quickly. Prices range from $69 for children to $99 for adults.

‘We would like to also thank Dollar Car Rental, Rob Player of Seven Mile Beach Resort and Coldwell Banker. We also appreciate the help from Lisa Ebanks of the Villas of the Galleons who kindly sponsored the accommodation. If not for corporate support these seminars would not be possible.’

  • For more information about the upcoming seminars for children,teens and adults contact Bob Daigle at 925-6946 or email [email protected]