Rose makes $7,000 splash

The sea swim season is in full stroke and the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association held its latest 800 metres race on Saturday with a surprisingly close finish for such a long race.

Seiji Groome kept his unbeaten record going finishing only a few strokes ahead of Lara Butler in the Butterfield annual 800m.


Lewis is a cancer survivor. Photo: Ron Shillingford

Groome actually swam well within himself and seemed to treat it more like a training session. He finished in 9 minutes 52 seconds, one second ahead of Butler.

Geoffrey Butler followed and Joshua Bain was fourth.

Matthew Courtis was fifth, then the Summers sisters battled it out with Tori finishing just ahead of big sis Summer.

It was from the Governor’s beach to Public Beach and a total of 132 swimmers joined in.

Rosie Lewis, well known for her many years as a swim instructor, once again swam for the Cayman Island Cancer Society.

Lewis, a cancer survivor herself, raised at least $7,000, a marvellous achievement. Sadly, it was her last swim as she is returning to live in England soon.

CIASA Open Water Committee donated $100 from the swim proceeds to Rosie. Dave Bennett survived testicular cancer and he too swam.

Pizza Hut donated tons of pizza for the feast afterwards which down well with the swimmers.