Charges in Grand Island Fund case

Police have charged a man with a number of fraud offences as part of an on-going investigation into collapsed investment funds operated in the Cayman Islands.

Robert Christopher Tom Girvan, 48, has been charged with three counts of forgery, obtaining a money transfer by deception and uttering a false document. The charges have been filed by detectives who are investigating the collapse of the investment schemes generally known as the ‘Grand Island Fund’.

Girvan was scheduled to appear before magistrates Tuesday morning.

Officers with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Financial Crimes Unit have previously said the collapse of the funds is thought to involve millions of dollars.

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority announced in June 2008 that three investment funds it regulated and a fourth unregulated fund had been placed into voluntary liquidation after ‘irregularities’ were discovered in the funds’ trading activities.

The funds are called Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund I, Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund II, Grand Island Income Fund, and Grand Island Master Fund. Caymanian businessman Naul Bodden has been linked with at least one of the four entities, though his exact involvement in the funds is unclear.

Mr. Bodden has not been implicated in the investigation by police at any time.

Investigations are continuing and detectives would like those with information or knowledge to come forward. Anyone who can assist should contact Detective Constable Richard Clarke on 949-8797.