New Chief Secretary named

Long-time civil servant Donovan Ebanks will be Cayman’s new Chief Secretary upon the retirement of Mr. George McCarthy in July.

Donovan Ebanks

Donovan Ebanks

Governor Stuart Jack announced the appointment of Mr. Ebanks Wednesday afternoon.

Governor Jack said Mr. Ebanks was recruited after the consideration of three candidates who applied, and subsequent interviews of two of those candidates. Mr. Jack chaired a recruitment panel that also included George McCarthy, and two private sector individuals; local lawyer Sharon Roulstone and retired civil servant Colin Ross.

Mr. Ebanks has been in the civil service more than three decades. He joined the Public Works Department in 1975 rising to Chief Engineer in 1983 and was then promoted to Deputy Chief Secretary in 1994.

In the mid-90s he lead a reform initiative, named ‘Reinvention of the Public Service’, that transitioned into the financial management initiative and the personnel reforms.

During his time as Deputy Chief Secretary, Mr. Ebanks has maintained a leading role in a number of salary and pension initiatives, and has been instrumental in the review of immigration laws and procedures as well.

Mr. Ebanks has been a member of the National Hurricane Committee since its inception in the mid-80s and chaired the committee on many occasions. At the time of Hurricane Ivan, Mr. Ebanks chaired the National Hurricane Committee, and was in operational control before, during, and after the catastrophic event.

‘I am delighted to have such an able and experienced person to be the next Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service to lead the civil service through the difficult economic times ahead,’ Governor Jack said.

Mr. Jack also acknowledged Mr. McCarthy’s work as Financial Secretary and Chief Secretary, including the significant changes he brought about in the culture of the civil service, primarily in the areas of financial and human resource management.