Travelling voters return

Many potential voters had an opportunity to take advantage of a long weekend and partake in a five-day holiday because Monday and Wednesday this week were both public holidays.

According to workers at various travel agencies, many people did leave the Island. However they say the trend they have observed is that most returned for voting.

‘A lot of people have gone away but our returning flights are extremely full, which is a good sign,’ said Travel Consultant at Cayman Travel Services LTD Andrew King.

Mr. King said he thought most people took their civic responsibility seriously.

Public holidays have traditionally been a time of travel for people in the Cayman Islands and this Monday was not an exception. However the possible threat of people taking five days off instead of three was a real one, according to officials at the Elections Office.

They said however, they were pleased to see that citizens did not absolve themselves from their right to determine Cayman’s next government and even if people had gone abroad, it seemed they did not stay past Wednesday.

The Immigration Department keeps data on all flights in and out of the Cayman Islands. They are able to say what portions of the travelling public are Caymanian. Though representatives at the department said exact numbers for the period requested were confidential and required authorization from the Chief Immigration Officer, who we were unable to reach before publication.