McLean’s brought BT up

The community of Bodden Town has to come to mind in reviewing the just concluded football season.


McLean has turned Bodden Town around.

It has a lot to be proud of having won four titles during the Cayman Islands Football Association 2008-09 season.

This level of success came under the expertise of head coach Elbert Mclean and his supportive and dedicated staff.

Bodden Town copped the Foster’s First Division League Title, CIFA FA Cup title, CIFA Under 17 FA Cup and the CIFA Under 17 League title a maximum of titles won by any individual club for the season.

According to McLean it was community effort, hard work from the players, the coaching staff and the backing of a committed president Mark Scotland that propelled the club to this extraordinary success.

‘I am proud of my players for the hard work and the dedication and commitment they have applied in the preparations over the past eight years,’ McLean said.

‘The success of the Bodden Town FC has been made possible primarily through the club’s Youth development programme.

‘The parents, the community, Mark Scotland, sponsors ARCP and Elvis Bush from Superior Dry Wall along with my devoted coaching staff Al Frederick, manager Kennedy Kelley, physiotherapist Lannie McLaughlin and my statistical analyst Balfor Walters all played their part in this success.

‘I am extremely appreciative of the tremendous effort they placed in helping to develop the team to this level. I thank CIFA, president Jeffrey Webb, CIFA staff Bev Melbourne and Keisha Miller for all the support they gave to football and to Bodden town in particular.

‘Having reached this level my next objective is to be a permanent fixture in CIFA’s Premier League competition creating a stir starting next season. My players have developed after all the defeats they have suffered over the past seasons. They have reached the stage of maturity and I am proud.’

McLean started his football career at 12. His determination and love for the game gave him the opportunity to become a member of the McDonald’s football club in 1972 and he joined the senior’s league at the age of 14.

As his football skills moulded into perfection he became a member of Saprissa Football Club in 1975, Commodity Strikers in 1977, Bodden Town United in 1979, House of Dread Football Team in 1984 and later joined McAlpine.

After gaining priceless experiences from each team he rejoined Bodden Town Re-United and in 1992 decided to utilize the knowledge he gained by becoming the coach of Bodden Town Re-United, earning head coach as a reward for his dedication.

He continued to do extremely well in coaching becoming one of Cayman’s most professional coaches employed by the Ministry of Education and Sports giving back to the community of Savannah and Bodden Town through the development of two primary schools football teams.

Coach McLean took over the Bodden Town Football Club as head coach in 2001 with one team at that time, and today that has grown to five teams with age groups ranging from nine to 18 years

Bodden Town is one of the younger teams in the forefront in top performance at the moment. These youngsters are an indication of what football will be in the future for the Cayman Islands if they continue on this trend.

Technical director of the national programme Carl Brown said that he is encouraged by the results that hard training has given Bodden Town adding that he hopes that the work ethic for more than three days per week will filter into other clubs.

‘I am encouraged by the results that Bodden Town had this season it emphasizes what hard work means. This club is the only club that trains very hard and more than three days per week. I hope that the other clubs follow this example and put some more work into training and preparation,’ Brown pointed out.