Companies parade security systems

Equipment helps monitor criminals

Two Cayman companies recently attended the 24th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police in Guyana from 9-14 May.

The ACCP was established in 1987 to enhance regional cooperation in the suppression of criminal activities, with more than 20 police services from represented by senior police officials at the conferece.

The Security Centre Limited and Sat-Trak Ltd. attended as exhibitors to display their line of electronic offender monitoring equipment and global positioning systems tracking solutions for personnel, vehicles, and marine vessels.

‘This conference and exhibit was an excellent opportunity to talk directly with decision makers from all of the Caribbean police agencies,’ said Stuart Bostock, president and CEO of the Security Centre Limited.

‘All agencies are exploring technology as a means to improve policing strategies and suppress criminal activity so our products received overwhelming interest from the stakeholders.’

The Security Centre Limited recently obtained the Caribbean distribution rights for one of the United States’ largest providers of electronic monitoring services, more commonly known as ankle bracelets.

‘This technology is used to monitor offenders who are on day work release programs, parole, or early release from prison, and can also be used to monitor the activities of individuals on bail whilst under investigation,’ said Mr. Bostock.

‘One of the factors drawing attention to EOM is that it frees up space in our prison and police cells and costs approximately 1/10th of the annual cost to house an offender in the prison system.’

Derek Larner, operations manager for local company GPS tracking company, Sat-Trak Caribbean Ltd. also attended the ACCP conference to display that company’s line of real time GPS tracking devices which are currently available in Cayman.

‘We have several hundred devices currently in use on the Island and are expanding operations throughout the Caribbean region,’ he said.

‘Our GPS tracking devices are a fantastic management tool for supervising fleets of vehicles or monitoring marine vessels and the smaller personal devices are designed for man management, personal safety and security.’

Mr. Larner noted that the devices are also in use to monitor teen driver behavior to ensure compliance with speed limits. He hopes that discussions with the Cayman Islands Insurance Association will produce significant discounts on insurance premiums as is common in other jurisdictions.

With technology making a huge impact on policing and personal safety, the use of global positioning systems for monitoring of assets continues to increase. These devices can pinpoint the users’ location to within a few feet and give accurate date, time, latitude, and longitude, direction of travel and speed information as well as the precise address of the unit once local mapping systems are uploaded to the company’s servers.

In addition to tracking of offenders and assets, these devices can accommodate geo-fences, which are invisible inclusion or exclusion zones set-up up on a temporary or permanent basis. For example, a person assigned to an EOM program may be confined to house arrest. The device can be programmed to notify authorities if that individual leaves the designated inclusion zone. Alternatively, an exclusion zone could be set up on the device which would notify authorities if the individual enters an-off limits area.

‘These services and devices will work anywhere in the world were cellular coverage is available and even if the cellular system goes down, the devices continue to track. As soon as cellular service is restored the device downloads all of its recent positions,’ said Mr. Bostock.

‘The systems are not entirely foolproof but sufficient fail safes can be implemented to ensure proper function,’ he added.

‘The ACCP conference was an excellent stepping stone for us and we will be attending many more regional conferences to meet with potential clients,’ said Mr. Larner.

‘With headquarters in the Cayman Islands Mr. Bostock and I are pleased to be offering our products and services to the region as a valuable law enforcement and human resource management tool.’