Key to Cayman Summer 09 arrives

This summer’s colourful and activity-filled Key to Cayman has hit the stands. The magazine’s 144 pages capture the best of what that there is to experience when vacationing in the Cayman Islands.

For a first person account of one of the Islands’ newest attractions readers can turn to a feature called ‘Discover dolphins.’

For water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, sun worshippers and experience junkies, the Cayman Islands offers three diverse experiences.

If you’re not quite sure where to begin, check out the Key’s introduction packed with useful accommodation and, information tips as well as a guide to Grand Cayman’s districts. For a summary of what to do and how much time to do it in, readers should read ’15 must-dos on your vacation.’

The Sister Islands

The two tranquil and idyllic Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are getting back to normal and are now starting to welcome back tourists. The Key explores the Sister Islands’ breathtaking natural attractions, like the Brac’s imposing 146ft. bluff and cave system and Little Cayman’s Booby Pond Nature Reserve and Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park.

Water sports

Cayman’s water sports, below, on and above water, will fill you with wonder at the diversity that is so much a part of Island life. The Islands have a large and well-established water sports industry with a safety record second to none.

A popular dive Mecca, Cayman offers superlative dive sites and much more besides.

Set sail for a day- or night-time adventure on a trimaran or sailing boat. Plumb the depths in a luxury submarine and leave a frothy white wake on a Jet Ski safari. Or snorkel in one of the many shallow spots where eye-catching marine critters abound. For a comprehensive guide of what to do off Cayman’s coast, dip into the Key’s 17-page water sports section.

The great outdoors

If tropical scenery is what you crave then a walk around the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in North Side is essential. Home to a newly-opened palm park and many of the Islands’ endangered and endemic blue iguanas, the park is a 66-acre wonderland of flora and fauna.

Cayman’s beaches fringe pristine waters teaming with vibrant marine life. Spend the day relaxing in a hammock, play volleyball; snorkel or swim and explore – the decision is yours. For a listing of sandy spots, check out the ‘Life’s a beach’ feature.

Weddings, families

A popular destination wedding spot, Cayman boasts several experienced wedding professionals to turn Caribbean wedding dreams into reality – whatever the budget.

Learn how visitors can qualify to marry in the Cayman Islands and share one couple’s heart-warming story of their fairytale wedding in the Key’s destination weddings section.

For child-friendly activities and a calendar of major events, turn to ‘Key 4 Kids,’ ‘Festival time’ and the ‘Six-month sporting calendar’ features.


History buffs can join guided tours available at a number of first-rate heritage sites. Glean fascinating facts about Pedro Castle, the Islands’ oldest existing home and its first seat of government. Visit the Mission House, home of early missionaries and one of the Islands’ earliest schools or wander around Elmslie Memorial Church with its roof designed like a ship’s hull.


Ardent shoppers can leaf through Key to Cayman’s shopping pages for duty-free must-haves galore. And readers shopping for a second home can evaluate the local market by browsing though the Key’s informative real estate section.

Food, nightlife

The Key reviews the temptingly spiced local cuisine and invites readers to sample a myriad of fine dining experiences available in the Islands’ restaurants and hotels, offering a wide range of international cuisine.

Beautiful by day, the Islands are hypnotic by night. Whether the silver screen takes your fancy or you simply want to rock out and feel the vibes at a local band, club or bar, the magazine’s vibrant entertainment after dark section offers a smorgasbord of options.

Each of Islands’ districts has something special to entice the sightseer. Whether it’s a perfect sundrenched beach fringed with shade trees or the promise of an adrenaline rush exploring the underwater vistas of world-renowned dive sites, the Cayman Islands pretty much has it all.

So, whatever kind of holiday readers seek they can turn to Key to Cayman.

So, whatever kind of holiday readers seek they can turn to Key to Cayman.