Kids on a roll

A spectacular show of WestTel Youth Hockey went off recently as King’s Sports Centre hosted three days of non-stop action.

The events started on Friday May 29 with the second Annual Inter-School Game Tournament.

More than 200 students and adult spectators filled the Westel Arena to watch four primary schools participate in the one-day event. Cayman Prep, Cayman International School, Saint Ignatius and Montessori by the Sea showcased their impressive skills to their classmates and outsiders interested in this growing island sport.

Congratulations go to the day’s champions, Montessori by the Sea and Cayman International School.

Montessori beat St. Ignatius 6-2 with Thomas Cummings being the hero with a three-goal hat-trick. Amanda Alexander had two goals and David Pitcairn added another.

Josh McCartney and Jered Holmes scored the goals for Catholic.

Cayman International beat down Cayman Prep 7-3 with goals coming from seven different players: Alex Agemian, Ben Black, Josiah Derksen, Ethan Hersant, Chris Messer, Matt Somerville and Finn Walker.

Prep got their goals from Cameron Bridgeman, Scott Lewis and Ryan Lloyd.

The Inter-School Games started in 2008 to promote the sport throughout the community. The concept worked as the WestTel Youth Hockey program has doubled the number of young players over the past year and currently there are over 130 participants.

It did not take long for friendly rivalries to develop. Each school’s fans pumped up their teams with banners, blow horns and cheers. Principal of Cayman Prep Mr. Wilson commented on the games.

‘Friday’s event was great. The idea is to play such games with keen competition, but with good sportsmanship and that’s what happened. Thanks to all who helped with the organization and I look forward to the next one.’

Ray Singh, Athletic Director of the King’s Sports Centre, thanked all of the volunteer parents and school officials who helped organize the event. In addition, he thanked Z99 for hosting several players on their morning show prior to the games.

‘The best part of the tournament is seeing the fans get into it,’ Singh said. ‘A special congratulations to the fans from Montessori by the Sea who were extra enthusiastic. Next year we hope to expand the youth league to the public school system and add more teams to this annual tournament.’

The action continued on Saturday when the WestTel League play resumed with makeup games for the 12U and 9U programs.

The final standings have been determined and the playoff match-ups for this coming weekend are scheduled. This season marks the first time that league playoffs will be live-streamed and the 6U program was the first to enjoy this new perk.

Elizabeth Lloyd, grandmother of Ryan Lloyd (who plays for the 9U league), felt the games were quite an experience.

‘The full screen made us feel like we were right there. Good game for the little ones. The commentators were better than Bob Cole and Harry Neale! Good job all the way around!’

In the playoffs Maples Stars beat the CSA Islanders 2-0 while Walkers Blue Iguanas beat the RBC-Trust Lightning 3-2.

Devon Wood and Cassidy Amesbury lead the Maples Stars and Walkers Blue Iguanas for their respective victories during the playoffs. The two teams faced off last Saturday in the WestTel 6U youth hockey title game.

Wrapping up the weekend the Cayman Islands National Ball Hockey team organized a skills competition for the 6U and 9U groups.

This marks the first time that the players have been tested on their individual talents.

The results saw Ethan Slocock win the shout-out and fastest skater award and Justin Hardings won the hardest shot in the 6U division. Meanwhile in the 9U section Ryan Lloyd won the shoot-out, Jacob Whewell won the fastest skater and Danny Link won the hardest shot competition.

All proceeds for the event went to support the national team’s run at this year’s World Ball Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic.