Residents wake to no water

Residents in Bodden Town and the eastern districts can be forgiven for turning up to work a little cranky Wednesday morning.

no water

Water Authority technicians work to repair a broken water pipeline that left the eastern side of Grand Cayman without water Wednesday morning. Photo: Jewel Levy

They were denied showers, coffee and other morning essentials after a split in the main water pipe servicing the eastern side of Grand Cayman left them without water from 4am.

The broken line affected all customers east of Mance Road, near Mostyn’s Esso Station, in Bodden Town.

Bob Robler, operations manager for the Water Authority, said crews responded to the split pipeline within the hour and had services reconnected by 11am Wednesday.

‘The full length of pipe split, so it was a pretty major leak,’ Mr. Robler said, adding it was unclear what caused the break.

‘It can be all kinds of reasons,’ he explained. Possible causes include pressure from truck traffic; movement of the soil because of rain; too much pressure running through the lines; or heat causing the road above to expand.

Customers complained that an after-hour’s hotline for Water Authority customers rung out Wednesday morning and messages left on the line were not returned.

In a message posted on their website and read on radio, the authority apologised to customers for the outage. ‘It’s a major inconvenience,’ agreed Mr. Robler.

The good news however, is that a new Water Authority desalination water plant in Frank Sound means that breaks like Wednesday’s should not cause such widespread outages in the future.

Testing recently began on the Frank Sound plant and it could be in operation within as little as two months.

‘When that new plant goes on line we won’t have these sorts of problems,’ Mr. Robler said. ‘We will be able to feed water from both sides and the only area that will be isolated will be the area immediately around the break.

‘It means we won’t have these massive outages,’ he said.