Paddle around Grand Cayman

The organization known as ‘Pain For Gain’ has recently announced a Paddle Around Grand Cayman fundraiser to help build a school in the Solomon Islands.

Pain For Gain is a non-profit group of everyday people, who espouse understanding your potential to make the world a better place.

Paddle Around Cayman will take place from 27-28 June.

The journey is expected to last as long as 20 hours or more, while covering over 100km. Organizers say the pain will be intense and paddlers will likely be physically and mentally drained at the completion of the event.

The project which funds are being raised for is called BASE or Basic Adult Self Education. It was started in the Solomon Islands in 1992 by an Irish priest known as Father Niall, who has been in there since the 1960’s. He is now assisted by Sister Maureen, a nun from New Zealand.

Illiteracy is a widespread problem in the Solomon Islands, according to Pain For Gain. They say many adults cannot find paid work and are also unable to teach their children to read.

The concept of BASE is to teach basic reading skills to illiterate adults and young people who can no longer afford to go to school. With this approach it is hoped that the parents in turn can affect child literacy.

Because of its popularity, the current school is at full capacity and students are being turned away every week. This has led BASE to look to expand and build classrooms so they can run their course in outlying villages.

The cost of the project is US$6,000 and Pain For Gain representatives say they hope the Paddle Around Cayman undertaking will make the classroom a reality.

One of the Pain For Gain officials, Kent Pearce said, ‘We are particularly pleased to be associated with such a programme and we hope everyone comes out to support the event.’

For more information on Paddle Around Cayman and/or how you may sponsor the event- personal/corporate- call 328-1400 or email [email protected].