Belford Estates ahead of the storm

The first meeting for hurricane season was held by the Belford Estates Community Emergency Response Team recently.

The evening’s discussions covered a range of topics and also highlighted Belford Estates’ community spirit and ability to execute, as well as organise.

The team got its start from a Red Cross initiative, but since then has been busy planning for hurricane season for the third time in as many years.

It is said that Belford estates probably is the most prepared community to deal with the eventuality of storms.

There are records of where vulnerable people are located including those who may not be able to swim, as well as the elderly.

In addition, strong swimmers and other practical assets for during and after the storm can be referenced. The Belford Estates community have also collaborated with other nearby neighbourhoods for ways in which co-operation may save lives.

Deputy Director for Hazard Management Omar Aflick commented on efforts of the committee and reported on the progress of funding for various essentials and supplies for the season ahead at the meeting.

Also on hand for the evening’s happenings was MLA for Bodden Town Dwayne Seymour.

He praised the residents of Belford Estates and thanked them for all their support in the election.

Mr. Seymour also outlined some of the plans for forming the Bodden Town District Council, as well as selecting area leaders.

He added that the latter would be completed in the very near future and vowed, ‘These are the types of issues the councils will be addressing.’