Issues facing out-of-work Caymanians

Caymanians are finding it harder to obtain work in their own country.

This comment was voiced by a number of residents attending an unemployment forum Monday night at the Bodden Town Civic Centre.

Theresa Pitcairn, a Bodden Town candidate in the last election, and friends, hosted the well- attended meeting, with a number of persons in attendance seeking jobs.

Ms Pitcairn said she was not there to find a job for everyone but to offer some solutions in seeking out jobs that were available by taking names, numbers, qualifications and promising to assist with follow ups on applications.

At the meeting residents expressed views and concerns about the difficulties in obtaining jobs.

Some said it was Immigration’s fault by relying on revenue from work permit holders and not caring about Caymanians; others expressed distress at employers making poor excuses to employ cheap labour. Underpayment of experienced and qualified Caymanians; making Caymanians redundant and hiring at lower pay were other things that need to be looked into they said.

One lady said she starting working for only five shillings a week and Caymanians needed to do something and not be idle even if the pay was small.

Bodden Town spokes- woman Twyla Vargas said Caymanians could not even get some volunteer jobs, so getting paying jobs would be even harder.

Disappointment was also expressed that neither of the newly-elected Bodden Town representatives were present to hear resident’s concerns.

‘We have to look at the process and see what employers are saying and find out at the end of the day why Caymanians are not getting the jobs,’ said Ms Pitcairn.

She told the gathering not to bang jaws but come together as Caymanians and be honest about the issues that were facing them in the work force.

Mathew Leslie, a representative from Titan Security, said he was willing to assist persons looking for work in that field. But he also cautioned there were obligations required for the job, such as being on time and turning up for work when needed.

Despite the challenges and frustrations people were feeling, Ms Pitcairn said it must start with Caymanians making an effort to help themselves.

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