It’s the FAST way to empower all

The FAST Defense instructors were here recently for another series of top level self-defence courses and once again they were well received.

Bill Kipp and wife Debra Thomas are doing a fine job in tutoring Cayman residents the finer points of Fear Adrenal Stress Training.

Over the last two decades, the American couple have taken thousands of seminars all over the world, teaching FAST Defense students how to get out of the mindset of being timid victims and to give themselves a better chance in a street attack.

They teach body language and verbal skills to help prevent it getting physical and if it does get to that stage then students are taught how to ‘flip the switch’ in attack.

The instructors act as ‘woofers’ – potential predators – and wear protective suits, known as ‘bulletmen’ to simulate attacks which enables students to strike out totally uninhibited, which after all, is what is needed in a real-life situation.

One of the seminars was for a group of children at Savannah Primary School, sponsored by Bob Watler of Watler’s Metal Products and Mark Scotland’s Advanced Road Construction and Paving. Typically, the kids loved it. Another seminar, at the hall of Prospect Primary, was for teenage girls.

Cayman’s Bob Daigle is the Caribbean director of FAST Defense and with Kipp and Thomas they intend to empower all 60,000 of Cayman’s residents. Awareness is growing rapidly.

As usual, the glowing testimonies poured in. One came from Jessica Jorgensen who attended a weapons class.

Jorgensen said: ‘My experience with Bob Daigle’s FAST defense seminar was incredible!

‘With about 17 others I took part in what can only be described as a life changing and amazing experience.

‘The class was taken through escalated transitions of various scenarios involving unwanted advances to full on combative scenarios involving one or more assailants.

‘Before I knew it I was tapping into a powerful voice I hardly recognized as my own. I was also using simple yet very effective defence combinations of movements to block, grab, kick, knee, and disarm my assailants of dummy weaponry including guns and knives.

‘By the end of the class I had a sense of confidence, a lack of fear, and an increased sensed of empowerment.

‘I was impressed by Bill’s instruction and Debra’s coaching. She assisted in the process of tapping into your deeper voice. Bob and his assistant Troy O’Neil along with Bill were remarkable models of aggravation and threat in their bulletmen suits.

‘I could hardly believe the full power of my kick and punch. Bill, Bob and Troy were not only willing to put themselves through high physical duress to show the class how to tap into the power and influence of our voice but, also to teach us that we possess more power in our punch, kick, grab, and knee than we give ourselves credit.

‘When I thought it couldn’t get any better and self actualizing than this, a video clip was shown on screen of all the participants’ physical engagements of defence.

‘We could then view our individual fighter spirits in action. Wow! What a revelation it is to see yourself on screen in video acting out with the power of a lion.

‘It is a powerfully effective tool in locking in all the day’s learning of self defence tactics we had learned.

‘One thing is for certain, I left Bill and Bob’s Fast Defense seminar with a high sense of fighter spirit balanced out with the calm ways of a peaceful warrior. I highly recommend taking these classes for any one interested in better protecting themselves in this ever increasing world of uncertainty.’

Daigle said: ‘The seminars went really well again. Everybody was enthused. We’re going to take a break for the summer now and come back in September.

‘I’d like to thank all our sponsors, especially Mark Scotland and Bob Watler and the Ramada Grand Caymanian Resort for accommodating Bill and Debra. We also appreciate sponsorship from Dollar Car Rental and Iain Ord of Ghezzi Mechanical Contractor who sponsored five girls in a seminar.’

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