Community leaders play for better

Some gentlemen in Bodden Town have created a unique approach to community involvement and development, as well as exercise and spirituality.

Leaders play

MLA Dwayne Seymour makes a cross from the corner.

The format of the programme they have designed is built around a game of soccer which takes place on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, but it is really about much more than that, according to the men who participate.

Initially the brainchild of community leaders and self professed ‘concerned citizens’ Graham Rankin, Crosby Solomon, George Berry, Windel Scott, Leonard Prospere and Rennard Powell, the idea has now been manifest for a period of sixteen years.

However there have been some new developments in the session, with the addition of the District’s Legislative Assembly Member Dwayne Seymour joining the action, marking the first time an MLA from the District has done so.

In addition, a change of guard at the worship leader position has occurred and that segment of the Sunday morning gathering is now led by Senior Civil Servant and Youth Minister Samuel Rose, whose father led the Sabbath morning worship sessions for many years prior.

The young minister explained, ‘This is an opportunity to encourage each other to live up to our responsibilities, as well as a unique form of creative ministry.’

The games are held straight through the calendar year and wrap-up on the last Wednesday in December, when the men have catering and refreshments on hand for all.

The rules for the family allow the father to bring his son. However the child is only allowed to play if the father is there.

Organiser Graham Rankin said, ‘This has been a key component that promotes family togetherness and unity throughout the years.’

MLA Dwayne Seymour also commented on the importance of the event: ‘This is not just about football but rather community, family and fellowship.’

He added that his role involved giving updates on developments in the Legislative Assembly relevant to Bodden Town, as well as national issues.

Mr. Seymour added that he was in full solidarity with the men and was particularly impressed with the spiritual component of the programme.

Those on hand said the colours of each team have been around for some time now and had nothing to do with political affiliation but instead represented the soccer teams most celebrated among them; red for Mexico and blue for Brazil.

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