Mag thinks we’re in board heaven here

The summer issue of the internationally read Wake Board magazine has a great eight-page feature on the water sports scene in Grand Cayman.

Wake Board journalist Adam Levitt came down from freezing Toronto where the magazine is based, a few months ago.

He wrote a hilarious account of how they coped with driving on the left hand side, going to Hell and back, Black Pearl skate park, paying three times as much for a beer as they are used to at the Ritz-Carlton and being amazed at the clarity of the sea.

Levitt jokes that there are so many Canadians here that they should consider making it a tropical province. In fact, they bumped into a couple of people they knew from Toronto here.

Justin Schmidt is managing director of Turtle Sports, a water sports company specialising in wakeboarding, on Seven Mile Beach and was the host for the Canadian party.

Schmidt said: ‘The response has been very exciting for us and we have been contacted by other major publications and professional athletes that want to come down and have a similar Cayman experience.

‘The international exposure for us is terrific but more importantly it helps put Cayman on the map for many readers that might be looking for a vacation or escape from the cold.

‘The scope of the article was to incorporate as many aspects of a typical week- long trip to Grand Cayman so we can showcase the hidden jewel we call home.

‘Turtle Sports hopes to continue to work with the Tourism Board to bring down more professional athletes especially in this difficult financial climate to give Cayman one leg up from other similar islands locations

‘We realize these are difficult times for everyone but feel we can sustain the next few months by offering a great experience at a reasonable cost.

For just $120 per hour a group of four can get on the water (to wake board) and escape the stresses of the day. Even with increasing fuel costs we strive to keep costs down so everyone can have a fun day and get some great excercise and have a blast with friends.’

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