Enough development

Whenever I hear ‘dredging’ I immediately cringe.

Dredging in the simplest terms is digging up something. The more you dig up the more you destroy, especially in the Eastern region of Cayman.

This is the last area that has not been ‘destroyed’ by the ‘progress’ of Cayman. Is nothing sacred in the pursuit of the almighty dollar bill? Where will it end?

When all the wonderful, rich natural resources of Cayman have been absolutely dredged/destroyed what will we have left? Another concrete monument erected in the name of progress. And then we will look around and say…….Hmmmm, where else can we ‘develop/dredge/ destroy and make progress…….hmmmm Cayman Brac is next…….then God forbid, the last hope of paradise on earth, Little Cayman.

My heart is heavy, although the pocket books of Caymanians are full. Who will call a halt to it all? When is enough, enough? Who will stand up and say ENOUGH!

Richard Parson