Education mandatory for all children in the Cayman Islands

Although the Cayman Islands is not a welfare state, the Government has invested heavily in education, providing free schooling for Caymanian children from 4-16 years old, and achieving a 90 per cent literacy rate.

Schooling is mandatory for all legally resident children in this age group, and is enforced by the Education Department and the courts.

Government schools are based upon the English system, with primary schools (4-11 year olds) in each district, five Government high schools (11-16 year olds), a Community College, a University College and a Law School in George Town. Cayman Brac has two primary schools and a high school, providing full education for 4-16 year olds. There is also a private day-care centre.

Government high schools follow the Caribbean Examinations Council curriculum, roughly equivalent to the English GCSE, and also offer a range of other external examinations to meet all ability levels, including the international version of the GCSE, Pitman’s and City and Guilds.

The University College of the Cayman Islands offers a wide range of vocational training geared to local needs (business, hotel and building trades for example) as well as associate degrees in a range of majors. It also offers recreational courses, including evening classes.

The Cayman Islands Law School, founded in 1982, offers a three-year Bachelor of Laws degree in conjunction with the University of Liverpool (UK), as well as a five-year attorney-at-law course, and a diploma in Legal Studies.

The government also provides facilities for special education, training for the disabled and an Alternative Education Centre for juvenile offenders.

Private Education

In addition to Cayman’s Government schools, there is a wide variety of other educational establishments. All pre-school education remains in the private sector, although there are three pre-schools run by the National Council of Voluntary Organisations in George Town, Bodden Town and East End.

Private schools are regulated and inspected by the Government’s School Inspectorate.

International College of the Cayman Islands is a non-profit school that focuses on business education and office administration. Located in Savannah, Grand Cayman, ICCI, founded in 1970, is affiliated with several universities in the US. It offers degrees, including Masters’, and diploma courses in accounting, banking, business administration, secretarial skills and other subjects.

Private School Listings

Cayman Prep. & High School, Walkers Road, George Town – 949.9115

Cayman International School – Camana Bay, George Town – 945.4664

First Baptist Christian School, 920 Crewe Road, George Town – 945.7906

Montessori By The Sea, Old Prospect Rd., Prospect 947-0684

St. Ignatius Catholic School, Walkers Road., George Town – 949.1994

Triple C School, 74 Fairbanks Road, George Town – 949.6022

Truth for Youth School – PO Box, Walkers Road, George Town – 949.7190

Schooling is mandatory for all legally resident children in this age group, and is enforced by the Education Department and the courts.