Cayman learning centre resumes fall tutoring

The Cayman Learning Centre will reopen its doors for fall tutoring next month.

‘We are really excited to start a new school year,’ said Mrs. Carrie Patraulea, the education director of Cayman Learning Centre. ‘Throughout our three years in service, we have seen many of our students excel in our after-school programme, and we have taken great pride in their accomplishments. It is a delight to see the results in the school report and in our student’s self-esteem as they gain confidence.’

The centre offers two programmes.

Core Learning Programme provides focused tutoring sessions in a 3:1 student teacher ratio to students from year/ grade 1 through high school in core subject areas. Each student skill set is initially assessed in both language and mathematics, and resulting from this assessment a personalised programme is developed to tackle the respective student’s unique skill development requirements. By using unique techniques and teaching students specific strategies, the aim is to teach good study skills while mastering skills.

During this new school year, the Cayman Learning Centre will be introducing a morning programme designed for ages three though five. The Building Blocks Programme will run daily from 9am to 11.30am in a 6:1 student teacher ratio. Parents will have the option to choose the frequency of weekly sessions. Its emphasis is to provide the young students an opportunity to develop and improve their fine motor skills, early reading, writing and mathematics skills while participating in fun learning activities. The programme is also designed to improve the young students’ confidence and build an appreciation for learning, getting them ready for their academic years.

‘This programme has received a warm welcome from our students and parents. We have had numerous requests for its continuation during the school year and as a result we have decided to implement it throughout the year,’ said Mrs. Patraulea.


Cayman Learning Centre was opened in June of 2006 in Grand Cayman. The Learning Centre’s vision is to provide an enriched learning environment where the students of the Cayman Islands build focus and confidence, learn to learn, and reach and exceed their academic goals. The Cayman Learning Centre is located at 7 Pasadora Place on Smith Road, Georgetown. You can contact them at 345.943.7323 (READ) or by email at [email protected]. Additionally, you can visit them online at Call to discuss rates.