Today’s Editorial August 07: Crime spate scary

Many business owners and their employees who arrive at their jobs early are doing so with a bit of trepidation these days.

The rash of burglaries in George Town this week is a disturbing repeat of vandalism and thuggery we experienced last August.

But what’s even more worrisome this year is that the crime wave has spread to the Eastern Districts.

Unfortunately this year two people have actually injured in the latest spate of crime.

It is frightening to know that four masked men busted in to the Lighthouse Restaurant at Breakers and injured an unsuspecting employee with a crowbar.

It is also frightening to know a man was attacked with a machete at his front door by would-be robbers, and needed stitches to treat to head wounds.

Although the burglars are making off with mostly petty cash and a few electronics, they are creating havoc for business owners who find themselves faced with ransacked offices and fearful employees.

A couple authors of anonymous letters to the editor have suggested police checkpoints on every street, or at least having police roving the streets at the particular times the crimes are taking place.

A checkpoint on every street could appear to be a scary thing to residents and visitors alike; it’s not a very welcoming site.

Regardless, we don’t have enough people on the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to roam the streets of every district in the wee hours of the night, but there are some similarities to these crimes and those of last August that should lend a clue.

In the meantime everyone should keep a wary eye out and proceed to work cautiously. Businesses that don’t already have security measures in place should seriously consider making the purchase.