Employers should always be thoughtful

Regarding the article, ‘Civil servant rollover on hold’, I agree with one of the sentiments expressed by Mr. Bush.

Companies that lay off employees with many years of service must do so in a humane manner. I, too, have heard of employees with 36 years of service being let go with less than a day’s notice, with people standing over them until they leave, as if they are common criminals. Such behaviour is detestable and unconscionable.

Employees who have given that much of their life in service to a company should be applauded with a gold watch, a farewell party and a note of thanks from their employers. Instead, they are thrown away like an old shoe. This is a deplorable situation. It does, indeed, lead to strife among the local populace. Companies should not be allowed to treat people in this fashion.

I trust that when Mr. Bush is reviewing the Immigration Law that some provision against this sort of thing will be put in place. Given the current economy, more lay-offs are likely. Therefore, this problem needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Carroll Yates