Clarification from police commissioner

‘Before the Public Accounts Committee, I commented on actions made in 2006 and reported to Cabinet which sought to contextualise the use of the proposed police helicopter. I was referring to the difference in the application of the Cayman Islands Aviation Authority’s supervision of how a police helicopter could and should work in the Cayman Islands.

My comments referred to four specific issues that involved a rescue from a cruise ship, the rescue of two boys at Pedro Castle and the transportation of police firearm officers to Cayman Brac in 2006 which, if considered in the context of this helicopter, would fall outside of the proposed police air operating certificate being sought by the RCIPS, and yet influenced and indicated to the then Cabinet the capabilities of any helicopter brought into the service of the RCIPS.

This has been misinterpreted by some readers as a criticism of Mr. Jerome Begot. I wish to apologise for any confusion my comments have caused. I in no way sought to suggest Mr. Begot behaved unprofessionally or illegally. Mr. Begot is held in the highest esteem by the RCIPS; he has demonstrated skill, dedication and support to the Police, contributing fully to improved security on the islands, enhancing the policing capabilities and most importantly saved lives. My sincere apologies for any distress my comments have caused Mr. Begot.

David Baines