Special constables graduate

Police Commissioner David Baines welcomed twenty special constables to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service at a graduation ceremony on Thursday, 13 August.

Commending them for serving their community, Mr Baines reminded the special constables that the oath of office signified their transition from civilians to officers with the responsibility to uphold the law.

‘You carry my utmost admiration,’ Mr. Baines told the graduating class. ‘Do your best to make our communities feel safe, remembering that your professionalism and kindness will remain with those you serve for a long time’.

‘Training selfless people is a privilege. These individuals have decided to assist in maintaining a peaceful Cayman Islands. They do this as part of a civic duty and nothing more as they receive no remuneration,’ Police Inspector Anthony White said.

The ceremony at the Governors Square police training centre followed a 12-week training course that gave instructions on legal and procedural requirements expected of the officers.

Also attending the ceremony were Commandant Richard Harris and Assistant Commandant Carolyn Parker of the Special Constabulary, as well as family members, friends and colleagues of the graduates.

The special constables are required to commit at least 12 hours per month to the police service.

Special constables, also known as ‘specials’, are unpaid volunteers who offer operational support to police.

When on duty, they have the same powers are members of the RCIPS.