Policemen star at airport oval

It’s no secret that many of those who enforce the law in Cayman also put into practice the laws of cricket.

A blend of youthful promise and aged experience recently assembled at the Smith Road Cricket Oval. There the Royal Cayman Islands Police cricket club’s hosted the ‘Past police cricket legends,’ vs the present police team in late July of this year.

The exhibition match was organized to celebrate the cricket club’s historic 40th anniversary as a club and leader in the local cricket scene. The game itself posed aspiring youth talent against the seasoned group of serving and retired officers.

Revved up from a gruelling international season the young hides of Ramon Sealy, Sacha De Alwis, Deighton Parker and Zachary McLaughin created an air of uncertainty as to which side would claim victory.

Blistering sunshine in one of the driest cricket seasons, coupled with the lively tunes of DJ PC Gayle reverberating around the grounds, made it an idyllic day for cricket.

Major sponsor, former police officer, businessman Stuart Bostock came by and displayed a showman’s flair as he took in the cricket on the day.

Captain Pearson Best won the toss and sagely put the past legends to bat in the height of the mid-day heat. The strategy was simple: if his bowling side crumbled then it would be almost assured that the sweltering sun would finish the job.

The past legends went in to bat on a hard wicket making 178 run for eight wickets in their allotted 40 overs. Contributions came from under 19 national team players Ramon Sealy 35 and Sasha DeAlwis 22, Walton Gooding 28, Paul Chin 11, Captain Wesley Gibson 14, Antonio Chase 15 and Sgt. Leslie Franklin chipped in with six runs.

The bowling figures for the present team were decent: Dave Wilson six overs, 13 runs, one wicket; Anil Jugbir five overs, 26 runs, one wicket; Jermin Sooknanan three overs, 26 runs, two wickets and under 19 national player Deighton Parker four overs, 19 runs, two wickets.

In their turn at the crease, the present team came up short of the target and could only muster 169 runs all out in 35.2 overs.

The scorecard saw under 19 national player Zachary McLaughlin post 19, Kirkpatrick Clarke with a top score of 27, Dave Wilson 20, Kernel Coley 22 and Anil Jugbir 16.

Captain Pearson Best did not bat and his team missed his smooth strokes in the crease.

The best bowlers for the legends were: Alvin Babb six overs, 27 runs, one wicket; Sasha DeAlwis eight overs, 27 runs, one wicket; Walton Gooding seven overs, 29 runs, two wickets; Kevon Bazil seven overs, 37 runs, one wicket, Ramon Sealy five overs, 33 runs, two wickets and the ‘Wrecker’ Chief Inspector Courtney Myles with a 2.2 over, eight run, two wicket spell.

The past legends, playing in the true spirit of the game, declared victory by a wide margin in the match. The police cricket club looks forward to making the friendly game an annual event.

Special thanks go out to sponsors The Security Center Limited, Cayman Catering Services Ltd, Little Toyko Mongolian Grill and DLK Bar.