Young helpers add Magic touch

A lot of people made the recent Orlando Magic camp a success.

From local volunteers to the Orlando Magic staff all made for a great hoops camp for local kids.


Some of the young volunteers were, from left: Kwei General, Ashleigh Miller and Courtisha Ebanks. Photo: Matthew Yates

One of the young adult volunteers at the camp was Bodden Town resident Ashleigh Miller.

Miller, 20, aided both sessions of the camp and did lots of small tasks from set-up to registration.

The Lisa Lee model talked about her duties.

‘I volunteered for both the morning and afternoon session. I helped with set-up, did last-minute registration and just a lot of behind the scenes work.’

Miller has more than a passing interest in basketball. She is a frequent volunteer for the local basketball association and can be seen at many games serving as a score table official.

From what she has seen of local basketball she feels the kids at the camp have great talent.

‘The camp was very intense. I don’t remember doing that stuff when I was younger. But it’s really good they’re doing those drills now.

‘A lot of kids have skills already. To me it’s a light of hope that they can get stronger through this basketball camp.’

Another young volunteer was David Taylor. Many will recognize his name from his exploits in the sports of softball, flag football and of course basketball.

With all of that athletic ability it was natural for Taylor to have a more hands-on role in the camp.

‘I did a passing drill for all the age groups everyday of the camp,’ Taylor said. ‘It was a great experience teaching the kids a part of the game I know well.’

Taylor has been busy this summer, especially at the Arts and Recreation Center at Camana Bay where the camp was held.

He was part of the Esso hoops team that made it to the division one finals of the indoor summer league.

As he states the facility is a great venue for local hoops.

‘The kids had a lot of fun. They learned a lot of skills from dribbling and shooting to rebounding and defense. Plus they had a fitness station to work in.

‘The center was a great place to hold the camp and, as I’ve seen this summer, a great place for basketball.’