Summer touch rolls on

Summer may be just about over but local rugby continues to enjoy its summer touch.

Week eight of the AndroGroup Summer Touch series was wrapped up in business-like fashion after another 12 games were played over three days.

Barring one major upset in the top division, when Ogier got their first win of the season over the one-time league leaders UBS, it seemed as though all the action was reserved for the second division games.

Ogier, who were on a seven week losing streak bagged a huge eight try haul over UBS in a high scoring 8-6 battle. Ogier golden boy Brad Conolly sealed the win with a stellar four try effort!

In division one the Five Nations remained undefeated after a very close 3-2 win over the Kaiser Chiefs.

Barring an upset from Appleby in week nine, it looks as if the 5 Nations streak will continue for the foreseeable future.

In other division one action the CML Spartans beat Deloitte one 6-1, Harmonic defeated Appleby 3-1 and Maples one destroyed PWC 9-1.

At this point the standings see Five Nations (8-0, 24 points) in first place, Maples one (6-1-1, 21 points) in second place and Harmonic (5-1-2, 19 points) in third place.

Division two heated up when top seeded Campbells and Walkers faced off with Walkers looking to deal Campbells their first loss of the season and leapfrog their attorney counterparts into first place.

The game was high paced from the first whistle but neither team could find the try line. Walkers were the first to get on the points board with a Paul Smith try but Campbells rebounded just before the half time whistle with a Dicky Thomas score.

The second half of the game was tight but Campbells shut out Walkers while putting two more on the board thanks to Ian Dillon and another Dicky Thomas try.

Elsewhere in the second division both Titan Ticklers and Grizz’s Old Fellas had to play two games during the week with Titan getting the better results of the two teams and sealing their place above both CIBC and Grizz’s Old Fellas in the league table.

Titan managed a 5-0 win over the struggling Old Fella’s who have only managed to bag one draw so far this season. Old Fellas would go on to lose badly to GCM 5-0.

The Ticklers meanwhile went on to earn to secure a shock 4-4 draw with DART later in the week.

Regardless of the result, DART were able to climb one league spot to leapfrog Maples 2. But Maples have a game in hand over DART and the squad will look to regain their rightful spot on the table when they face the struggling CIBC in week nine.

Other notable results in division two were a big win for EFG Bank over Deloitte two 5-3 and another shocking 3-3 draw for CIBC against Rawlinson and Hunter.

The draw for CIBC brought to an end a seven week losing streak.

Games continue to be played every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the South sound ground with two more weeks of the regular season to go before the playoffs start.