Cops going crazy over West Bay buses

West Bay police are concerned over allegations that some public buses are going too fast in order to get to passengers before other buses do.

In what he described as an ‘ongoing issue’ Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector Dane Pinnock at West Bay Police Station said that police in West Bay have received information that public buses are speeding in the mornings trying to outdo each other to see who can pick up passengers first.

He said there are safety issues at stake with this type of behaviour.

‘People’s lives are in their hands,’ he said. ‘They should take that into consideration and proceed with caution on the roads and observe the speed limit and the rules of the road.’

Chairman of the Public Transport Board Shomari Scott said, ‘The Public Transport Board is aware of the issue and we expect that the RCIPS will deal with these infractions of the law in the prescribed manner.

‘Of course, when our inspectors witness any traffic violations, drivers are written up and sent to the board for disciplinary action.’

Inspector Pinnock said that officers were out on duty on the roads on Monday morning, 7 September looking for traffic offenders but did not catch any bus drivers in the act.

He warned that they will be out on the roads again keeping a close eye out.

‘We know they have to make a living but we have to consider the lives of the public too,’ he said.