Film a traffic stopper

Traffic was disrupted briefly on Saturday morning when British movie- maker Jamie Stanton filmed part of a new short film on South Sound Road.

Film maker Jamie Stanton

Film maker Jamie Stanton (in hat) directs Jevaughnie Ebanks, David Lee and Zachary Powery while Patrick Broderick looks on.

Police cordoned off the road between the South Sound Pier and the roundabout at Grand Harbour at 10.30am for half an hour.

Mr. Stanton is in Cayman making a film called ‘Four Brothers’, a 10-minute mini adventure film about three young Caymanian boys who build a raft to Sand Kay Island.

Local young actors, Jevaughnie Ebanks, David Lee and Zachary Powery, have been recruited to play the roles of the three boys.

The trio, along with the filmmaker, also shot footage at Smith Cove as the sun was setting on Saturday evening. ‘We’ve only got a small window of time to shoot as the light is fading,’ Mr. Stanton said as he filmed the three boys arguing on the ironshore, overlooking the Smith Cove beach.

All filming is scheduled to take place over two weekends this month.

Mr. Stanton plans to submit the film to a variety of film festivals when the short is completed, according to the Cayman Islands Film Commission.

The Film Commission was set up in January to develop and facilitate a movie industry in Cayman. It offers subsides and incentives to film makers who shoot movies, commercials, television programmes and other productions in Cayman.

The short film is being sponsored locally by Al La Kebab and Gary Ebanks, with support from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation and the Cayman Islands Film Commission.

Mr. Stanton is a filmmaker working in Bristol. He won a scholarship to the London Film Academy and graduated as Student Of The Year 2008.

His Graduation film, “Undead Union: The Making of…” a comedy he co-wrote and directed, has been screened at the Cannes Film Festival, London Short Film Festival and The British Film Institutes – EATOURSHORTS, demonstrating Britain’s brightest young directors.

He is also the writer of the Mexico International Film Festival’s Golden Palm winner “Into The Light” directed by Alice Caronna.