Police evidence found on street

Evidence given to Operation Tempura’s investigating team was found lying in a parking lot in downtown George Town last month, the Caymanian Compass has learned.

The evidence, three compact discs found on the ground about a foot apart from each other, was picked up by an individual who had arrived to meet another person at an office along Dr. Roys Drive.

One of the discs was clearly marked with a label that said ‘press releases’ and had a name spelled ‘Denis’ on it.

The discs were described as scattered all over, and the person who found them stated that it seemed the items had fallen on the ground.

It was unclear what was contained on the discs, why they were lying on the ground in the parking lot, or who had left them there. However, the Compass has learned that the evidence was eventually retrieved by Dennis Walkington, a representative from the UK Metropolitan Police team, the group of special investigators heading up Operation Tempura.

The team of officers has been working in Cayman since September 2007 looking into allegations of misconduct and corruption within the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

RCIPS Press Officer Deborah Denis was interviewed, provided evidence for, and testified in the recently ended trial of Ex-MLA Lyndon Martin. It was believed Ms Denis was the ‘Denis’ referred to on the CD label.

Ms. Denis declined to comment about the discs being found, but confirmed that she had provided certain records to the Met team in their on-going investigation.

Last week, Mr. Martin was found not guilty on both criminal charges against him. Mr. Martin’s local counsel, Ben Tonner, said he knew nothing about the discs being discovered in the parking lot just before the 31 August start of the trial and declined to comment further.

The Compass has learned the three discs passed through the hands of two other people before they were turned over to UK Met representatives. Those individuals also said they did not look at the contents of the discs.

The Met team’s Senior Investigating Officer Anne Lawrence declined to comment on the matter.