Murder trial is by judge alone

With his trial for murder scheduled to start on Monday, Josue Carillo-Perez pleaded not guilty and chose to be tried by judge alone.

He is accused of murdering Martin Joseph Gareau at a residence in Beach Bay, Bodden Town, on a date unknown between 16 and 20 May 2008.

Justice Roy Anderson, who is conducting the trial, advised attorneys that he had not received the trial bundle before leaving court last Friday. He suggested a short adjournment.

Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward said he had received that morning a copy of submissions Defence Attorney Anthony Akiwumi will be making to the court. Mr. Ward indicated he would need sometime to read the submissions and reply to them.

It was agreed to adjourn the matter until Wednesday, 14 September.

Jurors were released until Monday, 21 September, when another trial is scheduled to start.