School gets model status

Wesleyan Christian Academy has again been awarded model status for maintaining its Accelerate Christian Education system.

The ACE system uses is an individualised Bible-based curriculum and the school focuses on Christian character training and outstanding academic accomplishments by its students, and also demonstrates a continuing commitment to state-of-the-art, computer-enhanced education.

According to a press release from the school, the average student’s grade in all subject areas was 95.73 per cent. Many students completed well over one year’s standard academic expectations, the release stated.

It added: ‘Wesleyan Christian Academy believes its school’s achievement is attributed in part to the Cayman Islands’ commitment to maintain an atmosphere where a school such as Wesleyan Christian Academy can effectively educate our youth today for tomorrow’s achievements.

Wesleyan Christian Academy is a private school situated in West Bay. It is affiliated with the Wesleyan Holiness Church and caters from children from kindergarten through to Grade 12.

Model status means the school has followed the ACE curriculum, its records and training requirements are up to date, it follows the ACE Procedures Manual and its PACE test average is 88 per cent or higher.