Crime rate in Cayman alarming

The level of crime has become alarming in the Cayman Islands these days and it is going to get worse.

All these things are caused by lack of work and lack of activities for the youths. It is also coupled with their upbringing. The pampering of the male children is a big contributing factor in some of what is happening.

I must also mention that Immigration has played their role in this and should shoulder some of the blame. When you disregard the people who are closest to you and invite in those who you have no relationship with because of blind sightedness these things will happen.

I remember the days when I could go fall asleep on the beach and feel safe; go shopping without locking my car. I would sleep with my windows and front door ajar. I used to see the Island as a paradise that would be there forever. I loved it as if it were my own country and still do. When I read and hear about these things happening there it brings tears to my eyes and puts fear in my heart. I will continue to pray for the Islands, the people who live there and the leaders and I hope that I will be joined in prayer by all the people who love the Islands as much as I do to pray for its reform

Curdel Grant