Pint-size students learn the art of cooking

Lighthouse executive chef Remy Azavedo is at it again, this time sharing his culinary talents with pint-size wannabe chefs from Savannah Primary School.


Lighthouse Restaurant’s executive chef Remy Azavedo with Savannah Year 3 students.

On Tuesday, eight Year 3 students, randomly selected from a group of 16 youngsters involved in the school’s Books to Cook Club were given a lunchtime lesson in the cooking arts.

The students learned how to brown chicken to accompany quesadillas with avocado salsa and squish diced bread for a fruit and nut bread pudding. Whether any of them will ever oversee the kitchen of one of Cayman’s culinary establishments is impossible to tell. After all, the students were just aged between six and seven years old and were only having fun.

‘I just like making and eating things,’ declared Gabriella King, aged six, one of the youngsters responsible for instructing Chef Remy that she would be making the bread pudding, not him.

This made Chef Remy aware that students had not only gained some cooking knowledge from reading books, but had also gathered secret recipes and cooking tips from their mommies.

‘Last night I cooked with my mommy so I could share her cooking ideas with you,’ said Dreshana James.

‘Oh,’ exclaimed Chef Remy launching into an episode of what it took to become a chef – three years of schooling and training that added up to a total of eight years before he became a chef.

In order to get the chef’s attention back to cooking and serving up the prepared dishes, one student tugged on his apron while another shouted, ‘Something smells good.’

‘I never tasted something so good,’ said Gabriella, licking her fingers dripping with sour cream. ‘Chef Remy is everything they claim, an excellent cook,’ she said with a look of proud accomplishment on her tiny face.

Knowing that the mini chefs were the stars of the day, Chef Remy turned to his cooking help, 15-year-old Akeen General from John Gray High School, to get the bread pudding started.

The Year 11 student was also attending the cooking class to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a top chef.

‘Moving around the kitchen felt good,’ said Akeen. ‘I love cooking and this was a good opportunity to further my studies in the culinary arts.’

The students were accompanied to the cooking class by Kiva Powell, the Primary Years Programme Coordinator.