Walkers proved they’re Wonderful

After last year’s failed bid to secure the championship following an unbeaten run in league and playoffs games, Walkers Wonders desperately wanted to make amends.

They were odds-on favourites last time but fell short to the Hammerheads Lady Pirates.

This time in the final of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association women’s division game, it was the Pirates who had morphed into Sharks and were just as threatening.

Could Walkers hold their nerve this time and pull off the expected win? Well in the event they did it quite comfortably.

The match was played at the Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay on Saturday in front of a big, noisy crowd that banged drums, blew horns and whistled to give a wonderful carnival atmosphere.

The league’s main sponsor is Andreas ‘Zulu’ Kettner who is totally committed to promoting the local flag scene.

His team Zulu’s Warriors made the semi-finals of the playoffs and he dispenses Red Bull drinks at matches as well as referees games.

Head referee Arthur Screaton also deserves props for officiating over the years despite the flak he gets for contentious decisions.

Walkers quarterback Jordana Clarke executed perfectly and the superb team effort was crystallised with touchdowns by Isatou Sey and Cassandra Bodden for a 12-0.

Coached by Perry ‘BoyWonder’ Levy, it all boiled down to which team made the fewest mistakes and Walkers were the model of efficiency.

The day was a double celebration for Levy because he scored the first TD for the Goldfield West Bay Hellcats as they beat the Dog House Bulldogs 12-6 in overtime in the men’s final.

A relieved Sey said: ‘I was so pleased to get the first score, it was an excellent pass by Jordana. Leading up to this game our feeling was that we just wanted to execute.

‘We knew Sharks were a good team but we just wanted to show our best. We didn’t end up victorious last year and we wanted to win this time for sure.

‘This time I think the difference was that we just played our own game and did not concentrate on theirs and that’s what worked out for us in the end. We didn’t get frustrated, we just kept calm and it worked.’

Unlike most of her team-mates Cassandra Bodden was not disappointed from last season because she played for Burger King.

‘We were nervous but we pulled through so it was good,’ she said. ‘We did what we came to do.

‘We were pretty confident going into the match and as it came to the end we were better after that. When I got my touchdown I was just concentrating on not dropping the ball. I didn’t want to hear Perry’s mouth!’

The Lady Sharks should not be too disappointed. They had an excellent season with players like Bobeth O’Garro, Scimone Campbell, Hong Nguyen and Latoya Cover outstanding again.

Sharks coach Oliver ‘Darkstar’ Parker said: ‘We didn’t play our best game today. We had a couple of key drops which made a difference in the game. They caught theirs and we dropped ours.

‘Our plays were good. We got the people open but they just did not hang on to the ball. We’ve got a good group of girls. It was the second year they were playing together. We’ll bring them back out next year and make another run.’