Today”s Editorial October 22: Worthy man at UCCI’s helm

It’s good to see a worthy Caymanian at the helm of the University of the Cayman Islands.

At least this time we know that the president of the UCCI is more than qualified to hold the position, unlike former president Hassan Syed, who as it turns out, had no qualifications to be leading the high educational institution.

Mr. Bodden is a former member of the Legislative Assembly and served as Minister of Education, Human Resources and Culture from 2000-2003. He has also been an adjunct associate professor at the International College of the Cayman Islands as well as a prolific writer.

One of Mr. Bodden’s mandates is to return credibility and confidence in UCCI since Syed’s sudden departure. The man is still under police investigation, but no one seems to know where he is.

His hiring and sudden departure could be considered one of the biggest fleecing of the Cayman Islands.

While most of us were sure Mr. Bodden would get the nod to head up UCCI, he was one of 130 candidates interviewed for the job and made it to the shortlist of three.

It proves that the UCCI Board of Governors took their job of replacing the president a little more seriously this time around than being hoodwinked by some smooth talker with false credentials like Syed.

Dr. Roy, as he is most well known to Caymanians, has a large task in front of him; one that we are sure he won’t shirk or ignore.

The good thing about his appointment is that we all know that Dr. Roy has the best for the Cayman Islands at heart.

One of the things we would like to see happen at UCCI is for faculty to work with Cayman businesses to help prepare Caymanians for top level jobs to stem the need for work permits.

The Caymanian Compass is more than willing to work with Dr. Roy and the rest of UCCI to help grow Caymanian newspaper professionals. We’re sure other industries will be just as willing.

Congratulations Dr. Roy. We expect great things.