Police raid causes ruckus

A dawn search at a West Bay home by armed Royal Cayman Islands Police officers has led to an uproar in the community.

kevin police raid

Kevin A. Ebanks points to the torn up lock on the front door of his West Bay home following Friday’s police search.
Photo: Brent Fuller

Police went to the address on Oswald Drive, off Town Hall Road, at around 6am Friday with a warrant to look for guns and drugs.

They left about an hour and a half later after finding nothing.

Homeowner Kevin A. Ebanks, who was placed in handcuffs out on his front lawn during the search, said he was stunned by the incident.

‘I thought somebody was breaking into our house,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘This happened in a split second.’

Mr. Ebanks said he did not hear police who were banging on the door identify themselves during the commotion. He said officers tore through the bolt lock on his front door to get inside.

‘They were ripping the door to shreds,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘I was confronted with machine guns in my face. My kids were standing there.’

Mr. Ebanks and his wife have three children; a five year old and three-and-a-half year old twin daughters.

Although RCIPS has made no formal statement about the raid, which was one of several police operations carried out in West Bay on Friday, the Caymanian Compass has obtained some details about it from various sources.

Those sources indicated that officers at the home on Oswald Drive did have a warrant to search the premises, and did identify themselves as police officers before entering the home.

Sources indicated that individuals at the home at the time of the raid were yelling and cursing at officers.

No one was hurt in the operation.

Police Commissioner David Baines is scheduled to go on talk radio today to discuss certain issues, the Friday incident among them.

Neither Mr. Baines, nor any other police official, has returned Compass requests for comment on this incident.

The newspaper was notified of the raid Friday when an individual who was at the home called to report it. The caller, who did not want to be identified, said they were furious about what had happened and actually went and apologised to the neighbours about it.

Mr. Ebanks, who admits to having previous convictions for certain offences, said he knew of no reason why police were conducting the raid on Friday.

‘They said they were looking for firearms,’ he said. ‘Firearms? I’ve got a machete in the house.’

‘If I had gone to the door with that machete, I probably would have been shot.’