Seminar empowers college hopefuls

Going to college abroad is a happy time for most families. However one issue that tends to dampen the mood is the expenses involved.

In Cayman that path is a rocky one as substantial scholarships are hard to come by, especially on the sports side of things.

However there are many tips and tricks that can help out local families and athletes.

Most of which were shared to some 100 persons at a recent free seminar.

Entitled ‘College Recruiting Simplified’ the seminar was held at the Camana Bay Arts and Recreation Center.

Many of the attendees are notable names on the local sports scene including Seiji Groome, Courtisha Ebanks and Noel Williams.

Leading the talk was Charlie Adams, Senior National Education Speaker for the National Collegiate Scouting Association.

One of the highlights of Adams’ resume is his 23 years of experience in sports broadcasting that saw him cover division one NCAA sports and interview icons like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

The seminar, held by the Department of Sports, focused on how the process of college recruiting works and what coaches look for.

In particular the seminar looked at five things prospective student athletes need to know and five things student athletes must do to help with their admission process.

Basically the five chief ideas for local athletes to bear in mind are: recruiting starts from middle school, accuracy matters with achievements and vital statistics, an online or digital presence is necessary, over 1800 US schools offer athletic scholarships and local coaches cannot do the recruiting process for student athletes.

The five things local athletes should do right away are: set a plan on how recruiting will be done, get evaluated by a scout, post an academic and athletic resume online, create a highlight and skills video and contact roughly 100 to 200 college coaches.

Adams, 47, summed up the seminar and its impact on Cayman quite well.

‘Schools these days are looking for diversity and the kids in Cayman have that in their favour.

‘If a college sees someone from Cayman who is a good student and a good athlete that person will definitely be wanted.

‘Seminars like this can show these young people that they themselves can find a school where even if they blow out a knee they can be happy and get funding towards an education.’