BT heritage Day fundraiser a ‘flop’

Bodden Town Heritage Day supporters were few and far between at a recent fundraiser at the Coe Wood Public Beach in Bodden Town.

The event was a forerunner to the Bodden Town Heritage Day and was to help raise money for the Pirates Week event.

‘The day was a total flop; residents just did not come out and support the event,’ said Bodden Town Heritage Day organiser Greg Anderson.

‘That function and any other functions that are kept at the Coe Wood Beach will always be not well attended and make no money for organisations,’ said Bodden Town resident Trilby Lingard.

‘Who wants to attend a function on foot one mile away with young ones in tow? This is the situation with residents and visitors who live beyond the Bodden Town Primary School and the Bodden Town Police Station attending functions at the beach,’ she said.

‘Anytime there is a big function police set up road blocks in these areas and people who normally travel through central Bodden Town are diverted through the Bodden Town bypass. If they want to attend the event they have to park their cars and walk the reminder of the way; rain or sunshine. Who wants to walk a mile and stand in line for a plate of food? Not me,’ she said.

‘Having the traffic diverted also stops the sale of food at these events. Sometimes passers-by just want to stop in and pick up food on their way home, which they are not given the opportunity to do.’

Ms Lingard said she hopes when the Heritage Day event is held later this month people are allowed to park in empty spaces near the guard house hill, the public library and open beach properties.

‘That event was as dead as a Pirate’s Week duppy,’ said Bodden Town Heritage Day supporter Twyla Vargas.

‘I do not see why traffic cannot be handled like it was during previous Heritage Day functions. During the day traffic was left to flow through the town so that people could purchase food and during the night the event blocked off by the Turtle Nest Inn and traffic diverted onto Cumber Avenue and out through Gun Square,’ she said.

Several activities were planned all day for the children: bouncing castles, food and produce stalls, volleyball, dancing contests, dominoes and shoot the hoops.

Impulz band member Rex Frederick said, ‘The whole event was just not organised properly.

‘There was supposed to be a domino competition featured as the highlight of the event – that did not happen because of money issues, also a volleyball shoot out got cancelled even before that event got started because one of the players got a cut on the foot. This was because the beach was not cleaned properly prior to the event.

Mr. Fredrick said all he heard was the committee had no money to put into the event.

‘If you approach people saying you do not have any money for a function then there is bound to be some failure. The committee should have some money when organising these events. People are tired of always hearing the Heritage Committee does not have any money.

‘The amount of vendors selling food was also very limited with only a few local dishes available to the visiting public.

‘All these activities were meant to attract and keep people occupied during the day but that did not happen. It was supposed to have been an exciting time for everyone who attended.’

According to Mr. Frederick, the Public Works Department, Bodden Town MLA’s, past Pirates Week Committee members and community residents could have better supported the event.

Although the whole event did not go off as planned, Mr. Frederick said the setback will not stop the group from hosting another event sometime in the near future.

‘We are going to have to go back to the drawing table and get sponsors to pump some support into the event, as well as adding some more activities for it to be a success,” he said.

Mr. Fredrick said his band played for the few persons who attended, which was quite enjoyable but it could have been a success if more effort was put into it.

‘What we really need is for our district MLA’s to show some support for the event so that the day can be a success,’ he said.