RCIPS: Escapee could still be here

Despite his escape from custody nearly three weeks ago, Royal Cayman Islands Police believe convicted drug suspect Dainian Cecil Henry could still be hiding out on Grand Cayman.

Dainian Cecil Henry

Dainian Cecil Henry

‘I believe that Henry is still on the Island,’ RCIPS Chief Inspector Peter Kennett said. ‘He will be laying low and probably only coming out in darkness.’

Henry, 28, escaped from custody at the George Town Police Station on 25 October after pushing down a woman holding a baby and running away. He was last spotted on Elgin Avenue.

RCIPS officers searched two properties last week looking for Henry, but he was not located.

‘He will be getting desperate,’ Mr. Kennett said. ‘He will probably try to change his identity by growing a beard.’

Police have urged members of the public not to approach Henry, but to report sightings of him immediately.

‘He may well be trying to leave the Island by boat – perhaps bound for his native Jamaica,’ Chief Inspector Kennett said. ‘I would not recommend trying to smuggle him out of the country as the marine forces both here and in Jamaica are on high alert. It is a serious offence to assist an offender which could well lead to imprisonment.’

Henry was actually found guilty this week of being concerned in the possession of cocaine with intent to supply. He was not in court for the guilty verdict Tuesday.

RCIPS officers also want Henry in connection with firearms-related offences.

Jamaican and Caymanian authorities are not the only ones looking for Henry. Turks and Caicos police are also on alert, and have told the Caymanian Compass that their country’s immigration authorities have been notified about the situation in Cayman.

Henry was a suspect at one time in the 2005 robbery and murder of a Turks and Caicos police constable. However, detectives said last month that he was interviewed and cleared in that case.

The Jamaican national does have an ex-wife in Turks and officers there thought it might be possible he would attempt to go there.

However, local police said they’re keen to apprehend Henry in Cayman before he becomes another jurisdiction’s problem.

‘He should not be approached as he is considered dangerous,’ Mr. Kennett said. ‘Just dial 911 if you see him.’