Red Bull glide through pirates party

Of the many activities during Pirates Week, one of the most unusual ones was when two members of the Red Bull Air Force came down for a spectacular para-gliding display.

Sun worshippers on the beachfront at the Westin Hotel last Friday watched in amazement as Clint Clawson and Othar Lawrence defied gravity with motorised backpacks and giant sales.

It’s known as power para-gliding and is certainly one of the nearest ways man has attempted to fly like a bird.

At one point Lawrence hooked himself up to Clawson and the unusual combo glided along Seven Mile Beach, escorted by a monitoring helicopter all the way to Calico Jack’s where something a little stronger than Red Bull was thoroughly enjoyed.

Clawson said: ‘We’re a team of para-gliders, base jumpers and sky divers that do demonstration jumps and shows for events that Red Bull sponsors and promotes.

‘We’re based all over the place. There’s about 10 of us on the team. I’m from Utah, others are from Hawaii. Othar is from Colorado and we’ve got people all over the States.’

The next day the daring pair performed to rapturous applause again at the Waterfront just before the parade started. They did the Red Bull pick-and-flick.

Clawson added: ‘Othar has been here before but this is my first time in Cayman and I love it. I’m from Hawaii originally so it’s nice to be back on the beach.’

Andreas ‘Zulu’ Kettner is the sole Red Bull distributor in Cayman. He said: ‘Every year Red Bull does something different for Pirates’ Week and this is something new for Cayman.

‘This has been fantastically received and everybody looked forward to seeing it the next day.’

They were certainly thrilled.