New police commander for Eastern districts

Chief Inspector Martin Bodden is the new area commander for the eastern districts.

He recently took over the position from Chief Inspector Richard Barrow who has been transferred to the George Town Police Station.

Mr. Bodden envisions a lot of new changes for the districts of East End, North Side and Bodden Town.

His agenda is to raise the confidence level in those that has lost faith in the police, foster a good relationship with the people and to ensure that police presence is more visible in the community.

Because he has been on the job for such a short time, Mr. Bodden said it was still a bit early for him to make any major assessments.

‘I came here with the understanding that I will not be able to please everyone but what I can promise is that I will ensure to do the right thing which is expected of me and my officers,’ said Mr. Bodden.

‘There will be situations in which I will take a zero tolerance and at the same time instil in my officers that discretion ought to be used if warranted,’ he said.

‘There may be times I will not get things right but I will be making a great effort to address the issues.’

According to Mr. Bodden there are a few hot spots to which he will be paying special attention but he said the three districts were relatively quiet.

‘Occasionally we will have an upsurge of incidents but I am assuring the public we are policing these areas to reduce the fear of crime and to take the appropriate actions against the perpetrators.

‘There are a few incidents that are warranting our attention but nothing major. We still have some concerns with trucks speeding in the area,’ he said.

Mr. Bodden said residents had shared with him their concerns and he hoped to address those issues.

He said he was encouraging officers to familiarise themselves with names of roads, know the areas and meet the residents of the various districts.

Mr. Bodden also said he was paying special attention to the roadside clean up. ‘We are very appreciative of the effort and we are keeping a hawk eye on those who litter. It is appalling the amount of garbage these workers have removed which has been thrown on the roadside,’ he said.

Asked why he was chosen for the job, Mr. Bodden said that sometimes, just like any other company, CEOs had to make re-adjustments and shift the skills elsewhere for possible upward mobility.

‘I accept my position as a challenge and I am happy to be a commander in the Eastern districts,’ he said.

He said he chose to stay on the force when so many were leaving because of his love for the job and a true dedication to duty. ‘If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely want to be a police officer,’ he said.

‘I love serving my country and all that has happened does not stop me from wanting to be a part of the Royal Cayman Islands Police.’

He added, ‘Christmas is a time for celebrating and everyone should take the necessary precautions to be safe during the holiday season.’

Chief Inspector Bodden has been with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for the past 28 years, and during this time has worked in the Traffic Department, Criminal Investigation Department, Homicide, Complaints and Discipline Department, West Bay Police Station and George Town Police Station.

In his spare time, Mr. Bodden plays darts and is a member of the Police Club darts team.

Mr. Bodden’s parents are Martin Bodden Snr. and Marjorie Mae Bodden. They were recognised for many years of service to the Special Constabulary.