BeachFit’s scenic benefits

Fitness group Cayman Sports Ltd has added BeachFit to its range of fitness activites.

BeachFit is group boot camp style programme based on the beach at the Camana Bay site, right next to the Royal Palms. It runs Monday to Thursday at 6am.

Each class is an intense one hour workout involving stretching, interval training, body weight exercises and core work. Designed to attack calories and to ensure rapid fat loss, BeachFit is is an efficient and effective workout on the sand.

“The location is stunning,’ said trainer Tim Williams. “You get to workout on Seven Mile Beach and when the sun comes up the setting is inspiring. We will push you to the maximum of your own ability, but all fitness levels can participate as you can take a breather anytime you need to.”

Two trainers take each class, so participants get that personal feel which is often lacking in a big group class, and the early morning workout gives clients’ metabolism a boost.

Williams and Lori Rye do an excellent job of keeping the sessions different and fresh, which helps motivate the participants and ensures “muscle confusion” leading to faster and more effective results.

“It’s important to have a lot of variety in the workouts,’ said Rye. “Often boot camps are very repetitive and that leads to boredom and drop outs. Also, because we have two trainers at each session, clients spend time with both of us so they get two very different workouts each day.”

BeachFit runs on a monthly basis and sign ups are being accepted now for January.

The New Year session runs from 4 January for four weeks, Monday to Friday at 6am. The cost for January is $160 for the month. There is a 10 per cent discount for Camana Bay residents and tenants.