Today’s Editorial for January 07: Tune up the tourism experience

If there is sincere interest in attracting cruise ship visitors to the Cayman Islands it’s going to take more than a big berthing facility.

Some thought and action need to go in to how we treat those visitors.

We often hear that the Cayman Islands has to do more to prop up its tourism offerings, but more often it’s just talk.

The way we treat our customers – and that’s what our visitors are – can make or break us when it comes to tourism.

Not only do we need to offer them better facilities, we need to offer them more experiences.

To that end, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to offer our cruise and stayover tourists something unique in April when the VHI Best Cruise Ever departs Tampa and heads for our shores.

What’s so special about that cruise is that it will be sporting some well-known rock bands including 3 Doors Down, Shinedown and Lifehouse.

The organiser has told the Caymanian Compass he’s looking for someone to work with while in the Cayman Islands to make it possible for the bands or at least a few of them to perform while in Cayman.

Wouldn’t it be awesome for both our cruise and stayover tourists to be treated to a live concert from well known rock bands at a specific venue downtown?

We’ve got very capable sound system technicians with equipment that could work with the bands so they wouldn’t have to haul their equipment off the ship.

Immigration and Government could work with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association to ensure the bands had the right permits to allow them to perform in the Cayman Islands.

All it’s going to take is some initiative and a bit of planning, but we think it can be done.

We’ll have the same opportunities when Kid Rock arrives on our shores via a cruise ship in May and when country singer Zach Brown arrives in September.

Imagine thousands of visitors to the Cayman Islands hearing a free concert from top musicians and returning home to boast of their wonderful experience.

That’s the kind of marketing and advertising you can’t buy.